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February 18, 2009
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Darunia Concept art. by xJoeDx Darunia Concept art. by xJoeDx
Quite possibly one of my favorite video game characters. Darunia leader of the Gorons! This here is a concept for the project me and ~TheStickMaster are working on. A Zelda fan comic! w00t! Things I considered when designing this. I kinda wanted him to have a Sumo look to him (not to different from OoT). Also he has a lil Iroh inspired facial hair. I then wanted a lil Doomsday look too(with all the rocks and stuff :D). More to come stay tuned! :XD:

Darunia (c) Nintendo
Artz (c) ME!
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WOW thats awsome,seriously AWSOME. i love the giant cleaver
thank you very much! :)
this was really close to a fav but there's a few things i don't like about it
for one he seems to ... the colours not bad but i think that it looks less rocky and more humany
and gorons are rock
the beard is awesome and it really fits
but the bun?
sumo look or not the headspike hair on the oot Darunia was one of the best things about him, he was a perfect blend of Badass
and Kickass
urs has Badass all over it but the bun just kills the look
the cleaver is great
but a bit more damage to it would have
really made it awesome
this guy is made of stone
and he ain't delicate
he just Smashes Shit
and huge ass cleaver or not its still gonna get
fucked up a little
This is a concept piece. It's setting is old Japan. Kind of the same setting as in Samurai Champloo. So that's where I was headed with the concept. Which is why the bun is there. This is merely my revision of the character. I wanted to make him look somewhat different from the OoT Darunia. As well as keep some of the same characteristics. So adding the headspike hair was out of the question for me. There wasn't much detail to this as it was a sketch. Which is why the clever lacks that something extra. I agree though. I should have made him appear more "rocky". Win some, loose some. Thanks for the C&C. It's much appreciated.
Red-Lynx Mar 17, 2009  Professional General Artist
OxO Holy wow, this is awesome...

I love Darunia, and I love your concept for him! He's still recognizable, but quite original at the same time. Great job~
Red-Lynx Apr 12, 2009  Professional General Artist
Quite welcome. ^^
LTrain Mar 5, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
gorons rule!!!!
I agree! (All hail the secret Forest Goron Dance :XD:) :rofl:
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